Exploring the Many Resources Available on the Website

Many people only think of their Fort Collins accounting firm around tax time. After their return is complete and submitted, it’s “Goodbye, until next year.” However, establishing a trusting relationship with a firm means you can, and should, look to them for a wide range of helpful resources throughout the year. On the Shaw & [...]

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The Shaw Atlas – September 2018 Article

Tax Planning Strategies In Low-Income Years Though it typically isn't ideal to have a low-income year, it can actually provide beneficial opportunities that could potentially save you significant amounts of money on your taxes and help you plan for future success. This month, we will be discussing a few strategies to take advantage of IRAs [...]

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KRFC Radio Tax Tips

I have partnered with KRFC 88.9 public radio to do a series of tax related episodes on Money Matters: Investing In Your Financial Future for the next few weeks. As the episodes air over the next few weeks, we will post them here for our clients and friends to listen to (in case you miss [...]

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Thank You, and Don’t Keep Us A Secret

Now that tax season is behind us I want to take a moment to thank all of our clients for allowing us to continue to be their tax and financial advisor. We understand that it is very important that you have an advisor that you can trust and whose primary concern is for your financial [...]

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